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Pesach hotels are not for everyone.

Ostensibly, they’re created for people who don’t have the time or energy to make Pesach, but still have time and energy to pack and travel like they’re going out of Mitzrayim, with all their worldly belongings over their shoulder.

But what’s the alternative?  Make Pesach yourself? 

Now there’s a third option:  Pesachometel.

Pesachometel is a brand-new service that brings the hotel to you: 

Our cleaning staff cleans your kitchen, top to bottom.

We Kasher your kitchen for Pesach, under the expert guidance of a certified mashgiach.
(Cleaning and Kashering can be ordered together or separate.)

We supply all the seudos for you and your family for all the days of Yom Tov.

Choose from an assortment of mouth-watering `a la carte menu options, all prepared exclusively for Pesachometel by gourmet Chef Motti. 
Glatt and non-gebroktz.

We send you a waiter for your Seder who will set the table, serve the food and even clean up afterwards, allowing you to enjoy your Seder experience as a king or queen in your own castle. All you have to do is make yourself at home.

Pesachometel Amenities Include: 

Convenient location

No flights

No travel time

No packing or schlepping

Ability to sleep in your own bed

Choice of familiar minyanim

Walking distance to all the shuls you’re used to

No social pressure

Less than half the price of spending Yom Tov in a hotel

Your own kitchen gets Kashered by a mashgiach

You can host guests and be a guest in your own home at the same time!

There’s no better time to use the guest towels.

Everything under one roof – yours!

Now serving Springfield, Monsey, Fair Lawn, Teaneck and Passaic

Online Ordering Begins March 1, 2020

Questions?  Check out our FAQ below!

  1.  Under whose guidance is the Kashering performed? 
    - Rabbi Eliezar Jacobowitz
  2. Can I cancel my order? 
    - Due to the nature of our services, cancellation / refund is not permitted.  Please take this into consideration when ordering.
  3.  What is the latest date I can order food? 
    - Cutoff for food orders is March 31.
  4. What is the latest date I can have cleaning or Kashering performed? 
    - The last date cleaning/Kashering will be performed is April 7.
  5. Is the cleaning crew knowledgeable of the laws regarding Passover? 
    - Yes.  Our cleaning crew has been thoroughly trained and we have provided cleaning for many homes for Passover

Pesach 2021 Bookings Opening Soon!

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